Page County Seal

Water is fundamental to the overall health and quality of life in Page County, a foundation for our community, economy and environment. A clean, abundant supply of water is a basic right for all of our residents and an essential resource for our children and their future.

We are a group of citizens, farmers, local officials, planning commission members, and state and local organizations. We promote water pollution prevention, prioritize and address water quality issues and enhance environmental education in schools and communities in Page County.

Resource Challenge

Page County is located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Karst topography poses unique water quality challenges with the close interaction between surface water and ground water. Local land use practices directly affect water quality. Several streams are currently not meeting the state requirements and have been identified for Total Maximum Daily Load studies. The Water Quality Advisory Committee supports farmers in implementing best management practices. Other likely sources of pollution include failing septic systems and other human sources.

Key Partners

The Committee is comprised of members of the community chosen to represent various stakeholders and perspectives, including representatives from: the farming community, health department, cooperative extension, town governments, soil & water conservation district, concerned citizens, schools, recreational water sports and tourism industries. Other groups have offered assistance to the Committee including the Department of Conservation & Recreation, the National Park Service – Rivers and Trails Department, the UVA – Institute for Environmental Negotiation, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, the Canaan Valley Institute, the Shenandoah Basin Project, and others.

The Page County Water Quality Advisory Committee meets monthly. Page County residents are encouraged to attend and get involved in understanding and taking care of one of our county’s most vital natural resources, our water.

The Nature Conservancy has created a new website particularly for ‘anyone whose life or livelihood is enriched by rivers can learn how we can all work together to protect these waterways’. THE GREAT RIVERS PARTNERSHIP brings together diverse stakeholders and best science to work toward sustainable management and development of the world’s most critical river systems.